Session recording


Altus Azumino Silver Flute

Conn 10M Tenor Sax 1945

Conn 6M Alto Sax 1945

Jupiter Clarinet

Gretsch G2622T Streamliner

Hollowbody guitar with Bigsby tremelo

Squire P bass

Crafter SA TMVS

Electro-Acoustic Hybrid Guitar

World Instruments

Chinese Dizi

Chinese Hulusi

Japanese shakuhachi

Japanese Shinobue

Indian bansuri


Pan Pipes

Instruments list

Concert Flute

Saxophone- tenor & alto

Bb Clarinet

'World' flutes - Chinese dizi, xiao, Hulusi, Japanese shakuhachi, shinobue, Indian bansuri, and Tlapitzalli flutes.

Other- jaw harp, pan pipes


Track examples


Hudson Jms Jr

live improv sax & dj set

Dewolfe EDM mixtape 2

Art exhibition audio


It was fantastic collaborating ...I’m really excited about the way his playing elevated my composition” - Ben Murphy (Flute for 'Motif and Memory')

"They were played perfectly, the tone was brilliant and the adlibs were the very best..." - Danny Duke (producer for Saint Lane)

"Lostbeat is great to work with. I sent him the idea and within a day I had the finished tracks. The results were great, super professional jazzy feel that perfectly fit the vibe of my lofi track." -Alec F.