Studio Gear

Current Studio Gear

Motu 828 mk2 audio interface (rack)

- 8/8 I/O means I can connect everything in my studio easily (pedals, synths etc) has optical expansion up to 24 ins

  • ++DSP means I can add EQ, compression and reverb as well as the built in VLimit to stop clipping during recording

Mac Pro 2013 3.5Ghz 6 core 64GB

MacBook Pro 15” 2011

-started slowing down in 2013 so I upgraded the SSD and added 16gb ram. Now I use this less as my main comp is the Mac Pro but its still a great laptop.

Apogee duet 1 (Mobile audio interface, firewire)

  • Only keep this for live performance with limited space, 2 ins 2 outs but a very good and simple interface

Adams F7 Monitors

  • upgraded to these at the start of 2019, such clarity in both bass and treble ranges. Have low cut switches for use with sub.

Dynaudio 10" Subwoofer BM9S

- helps to add clarity to the low end with bass heavy music when mixing

Sennheiser HD25 headphones

Beyerdynamic DT100

Instruments and effects

Ableton Push 2

  • if you use ableton and don’t have this get one! Totally changes your workflow away from looking at the computer screen and feels like a real instrument. Bit of a learning curve tho.

Line 6 Pod X3 live Guitar pedal

  • Use this for live effects on sax and guitar as well as basic guitar processing in studio. Expression pedal can be programmed to delay amount = very useful for live sax.

Korg Triton Taktile 25

  • fits in my keyboard draw and has some interesting midi functions like XY pad control / notes and chord pads.

Fishman tripleplay MIDI guitar pickup

- best investment for my guitar ever! I compared it to the Roland system and find the tracking and features much better.

+ its wireless, and can be used simply with its USB dongle reciever and an iPad/iPhone (have played synth gigs with it and just an iPhone)

Altus Azumino Silver Flute

Conn 10M Tenor Sax 1945

Conn 6M Alto Sax 1945

Jupiter Clarinet

Akai EWI wind synth

Gretsch G2622T Streamliner

Hollowbody guitar with Bigsby tremelo

Crafter SA TMVS

Electro-Acoustic Hybrid Guitar

Akai MPK mini2

Squire P bass

Pioneer DDJ SR

Serato DJ controller

Studio Software

Ableton 10 suite

Although Reason was my first DAW, converted to Ableton as my main DAW because of its creative possibilities. Session view is an incredible way to speed up workflow, especially when combined with Push.

reason 10

Reason was my first DAW (Reason 1.5!) but I moved to ableton because reason in the early days didn’t process/record audio, only MIDI. I still often use ableton rewired with reason to get the best of both worlds. Reason still has more analog sounding and better synths in my opinion but workflow in ableton is way better.

Logic pro X

First used Logic platinum 5.1 when it was still on Windows. Usually used for mixing and mastering process.

Studio Microphones

Zoom H2 portable recorder

TECH - Other

WD HDD for backups

40” 4K Samsung TV screen

-screen real estate with this allows me to mix 40 tracks on the one page. Also allows more flexibility with having ableton open and writing notes or having reason or plugin windows open.

HDMI 60fps adapter

  • Mac Pro and TV was running at 30fps, needed this with an app called SwitchResX to fix it

Previously owned gear:

Akai MPK 49 - midi keyboard

developed more than 8 midi device control for this instruments faders and dials. See post here.

YRG Midi guitar

  • great beginner midi guitar, but wanted a real feeling guitar that can also sound like a real guitar so ended up mostly using the fishman triple play midi pickup

Novation Launchpad

  • excellent starter midi controller, upgraded to push

Icon IPad - 12 drum pads MIDI controller

  • launched before the iPad was this drum pad had one special feature which made it cool, drum rolls and flams via the XY pad.

Alesis M1 Mk2 Monitors

Good for the price but rather bass heavy. (Put a sock in the bass holes to lessen it!)

👎Not recommended:

M Audio Oxygen

- keyboard pitch bend broke putting all notes out of tune. Wouldn’t recommend

M Audio Bx5a Monitors

  • Capacitors blew after a few years, replaced them but wouldn’t recommend as they are quite harsh in the high end.